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Identify These Issues That Can Increase The Risk Of Graffiti

The best security guards are those who are skilled at keeping their eyes open throughout the entire shift to catch issues before they arise. While it's important to also respond quickly to events as they unfold, being proactive during each shift can prevent problems from occurring. One thing that you should watch for is issues that will increase the risk of graffiti in the area you're patrolling, whether it's a retail development or even a residential community. Graffiti is an eyesore that is expensive to clean up and visually discouraging for those who see it. If you notice these issues, react accordingly before graffiti is present:

Burnt-Out Or Broken Lighting

Lighting is an effective deterrent against acts of vandalism such as graffiti. For example, the rear of a retail building will often have lights along its length to keep the area illuminated at night — and this illumination can prevent graffiti vandals from targeting the building. When you're on patrol, keep a watchful eye out for ineffective lighting. Whether a bulb is burnt out or broken, vandals could soon be targeting the area under the cover of darkness. Take whatever steps are necessary to correct the issue, such as talking to the building's maintenance department.

Ineffective Fencing

Fencing is a commonly used deterrent against acts of vandalism. Some organizations use security fencing — tall fences with barbed wire atop them — while, in other cases, fencing that looks a little more visually appealing is used. In either case, you should always be aware of issues with the fencing that may allow unwanted persons to gain access to an area. For example, if there's chain-link fencing on the property that you're patrolling, there could be a section cut out of it or a broken gate, either of which could allow people to pass through.

Broken Physical Deterrents

Many businesses and other organizations will use physical deterrents to prevent vandalism. For example, a business may seek to prevent unwanted roof access by having a cover over the ladder mounted to the rear of the building. If this cover were to be broken, vandals could easily climb the ladder, gain access to the roof, and cover the company's sign with graffiti. If you notice such issues when you're on your security patrol, seek to rectify them promptly. This type of proactive behavior will show you to be an asset to not only your security manager but also the business or organization that employs your security company.

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