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Three Steps to Prep for Your Intelligence Analyst Interview

Going into the intelligence career field means that you will need to start off with upper-level training. Along with a degree, you may also need to take continuing education classes in law enforcement or in computer analytics in order to be a serious candidate for the jobs that you want. If you have scored a review for a choice job in the intelligence analyst job field, you will need to prepare in order to become the top choice candidate. Here are three steps to prep for your intelligence analyst interview. 

1. Retrace the steps of recent hacking event

One of the major issues that companies, both government and private, have dealt with recently is system hacking. Some hackers are looking for personal information from customers, while others are looking to go through personal information for the business itself. Most intelligence analyst jobs with a priority on security will have some focus on the security of the company's web assets. Familiarize yourself with recent hacking events. Try to retrace the steps of the hackers and determine how they may have gained access to the hacked system. You can bring up security issues at the interview, plus prepare some methods for closing the gaps that allowed the hacking events.  

2. Prepare to tell your backstory

Although you will know your backstory without having to study, it is still a good idea to go over what made you interested in intelligence jobs. Whether you have wanted to go into law enforcement and security since you were young or if a major event helped push you in this direction, go back and think about what has led you to this path. Be prepared to let your interviewers know what sort of trajectory your career is on. If you want to someday be the head of security at a government agency or if you want to develop software that can aid with security, it is good to know where you are going and how this job can help. 

3. Look at the history of the job or agency

The agency itself may have very specific values or have a history that lends itself toward needing specific education and talent for its new hires. Research the history of the agency and make sure that you have the background and talent that will suit what the agency is looking for. Be prepared to present this information at your interview so that you become the top candidate for the position.