There Are More Security Options Today than Ever

Automated Home Security Features To Consider

Have you decided to make your house less attractive to burglars? If the simple alarm that you currently have doesn't give you a good sense of security, there are advanced home automation systems that can cover all of your needs. You can choose a system that is fully automated with a variety of security features that can be operated from everywhere you go. For instance, you can make it difficult for potential burglars to learn your daily routine and plan to break in when the house is vacant. Take a look at the content below for suggestions on automated security features that you can choose for your house.

Randomly Turn Your Lights On When Away

A good way to confuse potential burglars is to turn your lights on and off throughout the day when you are away from home. An automated security system will give you the ability to control the lights from work, school, or anywhere else that you may go. You will have the ability to control lights in each room, or you can have the system installed to only work in certain rooms. You will not only be able to turn lights off and on, but you can also dim them. The dim settings are actually helpful while you are at home and want to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Operate Window Treatments Remotely

Another way to detract burglars is to get an automated system that allows window treatments to be operated remotely. For example, the blinds can be automated with the ability to be opened and closed from anywhere. Using such a feature will help with making burglars confused in regards to whether or not anyone is at home. Controlling the window treatments remotely will also give you the ability to close them if you forget to do so before leaving home. You can then have the security of knowing that no one is able to look inside of the house while you are gone.

Use the Security System with Your Voice

Do you sometimes leave out the front door with full hands? In such a situation, you might benefit from an automated security system feature that allows you to operate it with your voice. You won't have to worry about putting down the items in your hand to turn the system on and off. The system can be programmed to perform tasks based on certain phrases that you speak out loud. For instance, you can demand the alarm to come on, lights to turn off, and doors to automatically lock at night.