There Are More Security Options Today than Ever

Three Security Tips To Use When Putting Your Home On The Market

While upgrading your security system might not be the first priority that comes to mind when selling your home, it can be essential for protecting yourself during the selling process. Partner with your locksmith for assistance, and use the following tips to keep your home secure while it's up for sale.

Upgrade To Keypad Door Locks

One challenge homeowners face is having the keys to the house floating around the real estate agent's office. This can leave them vulnerable to theft if a calculating criminal gains access to the keys. To prevent this problem, have your locksmith install keypad door locks on your entry doors. With these locks, you can assign a specific code that only your real estate agent can use. Should you decide to change agents or if you sell the home, you can deactivate the code so only you have access until the sale is complete. This upgrade can also be attractive to some potential buyers.

Install Lighting Timers

When your home is up for sale, it can attract potential burglars who may case the home to learn your habits. They can determine when you will be home and use that information to enter the home when it's not occupied. Lighting timers can be a great way to throw these potential burglars off. You can use traditional timer devices, or you can upgrade to smart lighting fixtures. With a smart hub and compatible lights, you can control lamps, porch lights, and other fixtures from your mobile device. This means you can turn the lights on before you get home or at random times throughout the day.

Invest In A Safe

Whether you are hosting open house events or having your real estate agent show your home to potential buyers, it's a good idea to remove valuables from sight. Adding a safe to your home provides a secure place to store these items until you are ready to pack them away for your move to a new home. If you keep firearms in your home for protection, keep them locked in a gun safe during house showings. This can prevent both theft and accidental discharges should someone decide they want to handle a weapon found in the home. Jewelry should be secured in a dedicated jewelry safe, and cash or other similar valuables can be stored in a gun or jewelry safe.

Talk to your locksmith about any other upgrades that might make sense for your home. Adding a camera system, wireless video doorbell, and motion lights can all be great options, and these features can also provide potential buyers with added peace of mind that they are purchasing a secure home. Contact a service, like Georges Lock & Security Service, for more help.