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Tasks That You'll Perform While Working Security On A Cruise Ship

If you're looking for a job as a security officer, you might think about applying at common locations such as shopping centers, business complexes, and sporting venues. A security job in each of these environments can allow you to have a positive impact on peoples' lives daily, but there are other places that you can get work. If you enjoy the idea of traveling, consider applying for a job in security on a cruise ship. These large ships have sizable security teams, and you may enjoy the challenge of working in this unique environment. Here are some tasks that you'll perform when you work as a cruise ship security officer.

Preventing Entry To Unauthorized Areas

Any given cruise ship has a number of areas that are off-limits to guests. Part of your job in security may be ensuring that guests don't either accidentally or intentionally enter these areas. In order to prevent a guest from accessing one of these areas, your employer may station you outside of the door. In this position, you can turn away people who don't have access, while also giving them instructions to get where they wish to go.

Dealing With Unruly Guests

Occasionally, cruise ship guests may become unruly for various reasons. For example, someone who has excessively consumed alcohol may act inappropriately toward staff or other guests. In another scenario, a guest who isn't dressed in alignment with an upscale dining area's dress code may argue with the staff who are preventing them from entering. As a cruise ship security officer, part of your job will involve dealing with unruly guests. Your presence will often cause people to be less argumentative. In some extreme cases, you may need to escort guests back to their cabins to sleep off the effects of drinking too much.

Controlling Access To The Ship

It's common for cruise ships to make a series of stops that will give guests a chance to visit different locations along the ship's route. When guests reboard the ship after their shore visits, you may be stationed in the area to ensure that only guests get onto the ship. For example, there might be people who attempt to sneak onto the vessel at various stops along the route, perhaps to commit criminal acts. You can prevent such issues from taking place by confirming guests' identity as they board.

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