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Reasons To Choose An Above-The-Ear Helmet

If you're shopping for tactical helmets for security officers, you have a few designs to evaluate. One style of helmet descends to cover the ears, while another style sits above the wearer's ears. The latter type, known as an above-the-ear (ATE) helmet, is available in a number of colors and can work with a wide range of attachments. If you're trying to evaluate which style will be the best choice for your security team, here are some reasons that an ATE helmet is a good product to buy.

It's Lighter In Weight

One reason that many security professionals prefer ATE helmets over tactical helmets that cover their ears is that the former design is lighter in weight. While the exact weight of each type of helmet depends on several factors, saving even a small amount of weight by choosing an ATE helmet can be important. Your security officers will likely wear their helmets for hours at a time, so a lighter helmet may result in less neck fatigue by the end of the shift. Remember, officers will often be mounting attachments to their helmets, so starting with a lighter product is a good choice.

It Works Better With Headsets

Some security officers wear headsets, enabling them to communicate with their command center and their fellow officers on duty. While there are a few different types of headsets on the market, it's common for security professionals to wear large headsets that entirely cover their ears, which would be a problem if you were to choose tactical helmets that also cover the ears. A major advantage of the above-the-ear design is that it can easily accommodate a communication headset. Many communication headsets are designed so that they'll easily fit beneath the edges of an ATE helmet.

It Can Feel Cooler

Your security officers won't always be wearing communication headsets, as these devices might not be necessary for each security job. This means that their ears and the sides of their heads around their ears will be uncovered at times. In such scenarios, your officers will likely appreciate how their ATE helmets can feel cooler than helmets that cover the ears. This can especially be true if they're on-duty in a hot climate. Being able to feel the breeze around their ears will feel better than having a helmet cover their ears. Visit a security equipment retailer to browse its selection of ATE helmets.