There Are More Security Options Today than Ever

How to Determine If Your Event Requires Security

If you are hosting an event, having ample security should be your top priority. Large crowds can be incredibly vulnerable to threats from individuals who have bad intentions. As a host, you have the added challenge of ensuring that your guests have fun at the event while also ensuring that they will be safe while in attendance, all without going overboard with your security measures. Here are a few tips that will help you in determining whether you need to hire a professional security service for your upcoming event.

The Number of Guests Who Will Be Attending

Generally, the more individuals who will be in attendance for an event, the greater the need for a professional security service. Often, security companies will base events off of around 50 people to separate small and large events. This will help them determine the number of security guards needed. If you are going to have fewer than a dozen guests, it is unlikely that you are going to need a lot, if any, extra security. If you will have up to 50 guests, one guard should suffice. If you plan to have over 50 guests, security is essential. The ideal rule of thumb is one guard per 50 guests.

Types of Guests and Their Individual Risk Level

The type of event that you have will often determine the kind of individuals who will be in attendance. This may have a direct impact on the level of risk that your event will carry. For instance, political events are highly likely to lure in protestors. This means that a larger security team will be needed than you would need for a similar-sized event for a civilian anniversary party since the event will be far more emotionally charged.

Alcohol Beverages Being Served

When large crowds and alcohol are mixed together, things can get rowdy rather quickly. All it takes is an accidental bump of the shoulders, a spilled drink, or the wrong word being said to cause a fight to break out. These types of incidents are much higher at certain types of events, like sports-related events, holiday parties, and concerts. Therefore, you may want to consider doubling the security staff for an event where alcohol will be served.

Time of Day the Event Is Being Held

If the event is being held after dark, there will be a much higher security risk than the event being held during the day. Darkness provides thieves and intruders the extra coverage they need to disrupt your event in whatever way they plan to. Extra security detail should be placed all around the venue, including parking lots and poorly lit areas.

If you are responsible for planning an event and want to ensure that security is top-notch, reach out to a security company in your area to learn more.