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Why You Should Install A Panic Button Alarm At Your Hotel's Front Desk

You might know that some businesses have panic button alarms that allow employees to call for help in a discreet manner. You might be aware of the fact that these alarms are very popular in banks, for example. If you own a hotel, you could install one of these alarms at your front desk, if you haven't done it already. If you've never considered installing one of these alarms in your hotel, you'll probably find it's a good idea after you consider the points below.

Your Front Desk Might Be Open All Night

If your hotel is like most, there is a good chance that you keep your front desk open all night long. After all, you might have guests who check in or out at late times, such as if they have late night flights or if their travel is delayed. Additionally, you have to be able to accommodate guests and their needs late at night. Even though having your front desk open at night is a good thing for your business and your customers, you might worry about robberies and other crimes late at night. Having a panic button system for hospitality staff might be a good thing if you keep your desk open 24 hours a day.

Your Employees Might Have to Work on Their Own

You might have a lot of different employees who work for your business. You probably have housekeeping staff members who clean the hotel rooms and other areas of the hotel, and you might have professionals who run your restaurants. However, you might not have to keep a lot of people working behind the front desk for every shift. On weeknights when your hotel might not be as busy, for example, you might only need to have one person working in that area. This can help you keep your manpower costs down, but of course, safety can be an issue when someone is working alone. If you install a panic button alarm, however, you can help ensure that your employees are kept safe when they are working on their own.

Implementing an Alarm is Easy and Affordable

You might understand there are many benefits of installing a panic button alarm in your hotel, but you could be curious about pricing and about how much of a hassle installation will be. The good news is that these alarms are typically pretty easy to install. In fact, you can probably install your own. Plus, they don't cost a lot. Just be ready to pay not only for the alarm but also for the monthly monitoring service.